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  1. Proud owner of the elegy. If you want my honest opinion, maybe some cars are too fast, and some are a bit slow, but the elegy is in NO need of a tweak. The acceleration is strong as hell, turning is amazing, and yes, it has a low top speed if you compare, but before i got my super car, i had an amazing record with getting away from cops in my baby elegy. Use the cars advantages to your own, every car is not supposed to be the same. And in my opinion, the elegy is easily the strongest non-super car for streets.
  2. I drive past it 20times every day, 0 influence on my performance, and Brian oConner is using it, i don't see why it should be removed.
  3. also, i would feel the anxiety kicking in not only while cooking cocaine and waiting for cops, but also while scrapping a car haha
  4. Great ideas,100% agree with everything, new activity opportunities for crims and police, also more work for The Unknown as a gang, and for everyone else to make friends with The Unknown, Great ideas, hope they see daylight!
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