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Kota Taylor

Ephedrine collection change

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20 hours ago, Kevin Ross said:

Tho it'l suck for anyone who sells meth as a source of income since it'l be far harder to get.

only if they have one place to aquire it. If they add in a few different places you can *smash and grab* it (Like 3-5 different places) i think it'll be great. 

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I can see pro's and con's for this idea .

Pro's being,

as you said more interaction with officers defending the location being robbed, different locations rather than just one to collect from.

cons (from a criminal point of view ) ...

. it would all depend on the drop size of the Ephedrine... but on some good days and if you time it right  you can pick 800 and cook it and sell it ... if you can match that income from the new proposal , then all is good and well but if not then your taking a huge sum of income from people who want to grid to make the money, there is still huge risk involved , as you have to time it correctly (hourly police patrols) and as the field only has a finite amount and others also go there, there is skill in doing this. 

With the Digiden idea we can only hit that if there is a certain amount of police in the city ... if you bring in the same prospect for hitting drug stores, then we can only hit the drug stores if you can defend them .. your more likely to have gun fights as crews of 5 roll up with AK's intent on taking the drugs what ever the cost, as they could only hit the stores if there are police in the city to defend them ,

Middle ground

the price of meth would have to increase due to the lack of Ephedrine available ... Cocaine price would have to increase as it is a better drug than meth .

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