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Ranger Watch Towers

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As I'm trying to make Ranger more appealing for people and get people to apply for the LSPD/BCSO to then apply for Ranger I want to make sure Rangers have access to a nice and wide but not too wide variety of options when looking out for the citizens of the hunting grounds. No I'm not talking about humans, screw em, I'm talking about the well behaved animals of the hunting grounds, just living their life doing absolutely nothing wrong only to be shot by some pesky human trying to make some money.

So yes we can drive from point A to point B for 3 hours straight, but how nice would it be if we as Rangers had a general point to sit at and watch over the hunting grounds. Exactly! Very nice! Introducing "Fire" Watch Towers. 


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I'd love to see joint Ranger / EMS Search & Rescue spots in the mountains. We try to get our SAR members to station in Sandy but it would be much more appealing to have places to pull out the Rubicon and Rescue Heli!

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