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Civilian Rights


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  1. Definitions
  2. General
    1. Miranda Rights do not exist in the State of San Andreas, and therefore are not required to be read to an individual when arrested by an LEO
    2. LEAs do not, and will not, pay or exchange money for the safe return of hostages
    3. A full list of all offenses that any individual may be charged with by an LEO is available here. When new charges are added or existing charges are amended, no announcement will be made. It is expected all individuals will know their rights and ensure they adhere to the law at all times
    4. No individual may be found brandishing a weapon in a public place. Individuals are permitted to carry weapons for self defense, but that weapon must be stowed unless actively being used for self defense
    5. The maximum speed on highways is 75mph
    6. The maximum speed on any road other than a highway is 50mph
    7. Open carry is permitted in the State of San Andreas, except:
      1. In the case of a hunting rifle, no individual may open carry a hunting rifle in either the City of Los Santos or Los Santos County
    8. The three main regions of the State of San Andreas can be found on this map
    9. On-duty tow truck drivers may tow any vehicle found illegally parked. Tow truck drivers do not need to attempt to locate the owner of a vehicle prior to towing it.
    10. On-duty tow truck drivers with amber lights activated are exempt from illegal parking laws
  3. Penalties
  4. Probable Cause
  5. Police Powers
  6. Police Use of Force
  7. Police Processing
  8. Emergency Vehicle Exemptions
    1. Emergency vehicles may disregard traffic laws relating to traffic control devices and speed limits when responding to an emergency with lights and sirens activated
    2. Police vehicles may disregard traffic laws without lights and sirens activated when conducting surveillance or in situations when LEOs must approach an area without making themselves known, or when a grave threat to public safety exists. Such disregard must be exercised with caution, taking into account surrounding traffic, road conditions, and pedestrian density
    3. Emergency vehicles may disregard illegal parking laws if the vehicle's emergency lights are activated
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Change Log Jan 5 2022

Civil Proceedings

2.3. The maximum damages against an individual is $100k and the maximum damages against a business or state organization is $200k. There is no maximum in regards to contract.

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Changes effective 2022-02-11 at 1400 EST

3.2.1 60 months 210 months

  1. 3.5 Multiple counts of a single offense
    1. Generally, an LEO may charge an individual with multiple counts of any offense
    2. An LEO may only charge an individual with multiple counts of the following offenses / categories of offense if the individual commits those offenses in multiple incidents and one or more of the counts originates from a warrant
      1. Offenses with "possession" in the title
      2. Drug Distribution

4.4 An LEO has the right to detain and search an individual, any vehicle belonging to that individual, any vehicle that individual is or was in possession of, or a vehicle to which that individual possesses keys when an on-duty LEO, ADA, DA, Judge, or properly uniformed LSFD Security Personnel witnesses any of the following The maximum damages against an individual is $100,000 $200,000 The maximum damages against a business or state organization is $200,000 $400,000

11.5.4 [A vehicle is subject for seizure when any of the following conditions are met and must be approved by an LEO who holds the rank of Sergeant or above, or an ADA, DA, or Judge] The vehicle is used for Weapons Trafficking

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Added definitions for Illegal Class 4 Firearm and Illegal Weapon Attachment

Added ability to impound a vehicle for 1 day if the driver is convicted of street racing or misuse of a license plate where the plate is affixed to a vehicle to which it does not belong.

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Updated 1.9 and 5.5, legalizing possession of ephedrine in quantities less than or equal to 25 units

"controlled substances" - Cocaine, Coca Paste, Meth, Ephedrine (in quantities greater than 25 units), Heroin, MDMA, LSD, PCP



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