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Mark Kimmel - Senior Anchorman, Weazel News

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Welcoming to the city, Mark Kimmel, Senior Anchorman of Weazel News. Alongside Mark, Senior Cameraman, Walter Franks.

Not much of Mark and Walter are known so far, only that Mark was unable to pass college, and therefore became an anchorman for a company that was going nowhere. Walter, yet still in school for film, can't seem to understand a proper angle and to get the camera just right for Mark. Mark and Walter will explain their story but this is for you to find out and explore the world of Television and Film.

As their first night comes to a close in Los Santos, they gathered some stories that were uploaded to the server for 6 o'clock news as well as 12 o'clock news. From Interviewing Joe Hall , a Retired Vet, Grandpa, and a few other cops; all created stories that would not be forgotten! Here are previews of the selected interviews to be aired on Weazel News.



Hope to see everyone around, and plenty of interviews to come.


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19 hours ago, Jack White said:

thats literally Ron Otterman

Yup. The best inspiration. 

18 hours ago, r3v0Lt55 said:

Shame on the camera man in the first picture for being in the shot. Or shame on the director for calling the shot when the camera man was still in it. - 1 Weazel News Professionalism

Definitely was the Camera Man's Fault :(

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