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  1. I do not see a need for this tbh. If you're wanting this because you're worried about making your shift minimum requirement then don't worry bout it guys (or set a timer yourself). If your a under your minimal from time to time life will still go on. I realize things happen and not everyone will be able to do their minimal every time. Don't worry bout things like this and just go out there and have fun playing the game.
  2. Would be really cool to have a go kart race through the city and get everyone involved. The race track was a good addition but the tire walls themselves being so unforgiving really doesn't let you open the go karts up full speed. Would anyone else want to see a go cart event? Thoughts?
  3. Who says this doesnt happen?
  4. As EMS I don't want to see it reverted to the old system (all voice options used to be available while down back in the day). The whisper only in my opinion is way more beneficial than some people may realize because they simply have not experienced it the other way around. My main complaint about the old system was as EMS I would arrive to multiple calls involving 2 separate parties that had just been in a hostile scene together. Multiple people would be down for both parties and instead of RP'n their injuries it would be a giant salt fest where they turn their voices to yell then just fight with each other while EMS is trying to do their job. Making patients now go into a forced whisper state also forces the parties in these situations into a "cool down period" where they are no longer able to argue back and forth with the opposing side over how the situation played out. I would legit have to pick up patients and move them entire city blocks away to get them out of range of other players so they could cool off and get back to the medical RP. From experience the forced whisper while down is better. All we need now is attachable muzzles for PD that they can attach to salty people to put them into a forced whisper state.
  5. So while in theory this idea is sound and makes sense from a realism stand point I think there has to be a level of abuse that would need to be looked into. What's keeping me from preying on new players, or people I don't like by robbing them for their ID only to troll them by giving them false criminal records? I can steal a new players ID get pulled over in a "rental" car for a small crime show the officer this stolen ID of some innocent player so that cop correlates the name with my face. Then I go and commit a real crime such as an armed robbery, kidnapping, or even murder make sure the cops see me do it then get away. The cop recognizes me and puts out a felony record for Joe Blow that had nothing to do with the actual crime because earlier he ID'd me at a traffic stop. Since theirs no picture records, only names, now this guy is totally fucked once the 1 cop that correlated the face to the ID goes off duty and the record is still standing. Even finger prints aren't going to stop these kinds of things from happening.
  6. r3v0Lt55

    EMS Training

    We will be holding a training for all EMTs who have completed their day 1 trainings. The training will be a scenario based training focusing on different aspects of EMS. The training will be held on the training server and the IP will be posted in discord.
  7. r3v0Lt55

    LSFD Training

    LSFD training event. Event will focus on Water and Mountain Rescues and the techniques and tricks that you have at your disposal as EMS to make your job easier for these types of calls. All EMS that have completed their 2 days of training are welcome to come and join us for this training. Hope to see you all there!
  8. The world pvp is what I’m going back for tbh.
  9. I watched clips of Summit going over 200 in his Sylvia and one of Koil going like almost 300 (might not have been on live) and in no way would I want that for badlands. As far as increasing the trucks. Have you ever driven a fully loaded work truck? I have to drive 26 foot box trucks sometimes when work can’t find a driver. On flat interstate you may set cruise on 70 (most are governed at 75) but in the city or around curvy roads you aren’t going to fly at max speed. I was scared shitless 1 time driving overweight truck through the Ozark mountains. 18 wheeler may be different I have no experience there. If anything devs could add that when driving to make pickup your truck is empty and can go a little faster but after you pick up the merchandise you go 3x slower.
  10. Not everyone can “maneuver the bike midair” the first time they step on a bike though, which is what reverting the physics back would do. If there is the ability to add things like biking, swimming, running, etc into the same system like the weight you carry I think that would be a fair way to reward people who wanna RP bmx riders or Micheal Phelps.
  11. I'm gonna play but doing so on a PvP server.
  12. Yea @Merr Khan I understand how hard it is to collect money from people. I still currently have 4.2 million out on loan but what can I do about it. There is no way to seize there cars for myself or forcefully get them to pay me my money. Currently the only thing you can do is hope that the person you loan to is not a snake.
  13. I would also say that from a cop and lawyer point of view that the interaction between these 2 with an officer that wasnt on scene can be pretty terrible. Yes the officer that was on scene can give another officer the "cliff notes version" of the crimes but there will always be details that leads to officer and lawyer interaction to be subpar. Officers aren't immune to getting salty and if this is the case like said above and you feel they mistreated you fill out an IA report. But I'd personally rather having the officer with the details of the crimes there to RP with me and my lawyer afterwards.
  14. If you get rid of bleed timers in favor for a unlimited amount of time the player can wait before his buddy picks him up and transports him to the hospital then you are kinda taking a spot away from someone who could be participating in RP with other people in the city. In this method someone could theoretically wait 60, 90, 120 mins down while waiting on his buddy to get on the train and come pick him up all while someone else could use that server spot. This would also lead to people when getting down just logging out and hopping on other characters because their original character will still be down while he plays on his new guy. What value does that bring to the server? So if I'm right I think you are saying there is a problem being the times when no EMS are on what are downed individuals suppose to do. If this is the issue lets take a look at what is already implemented and go from there. PD has implemented a medically trained certification program where certain ranks of officers can partake in medical calls when there are no EMS on. Try having your friends call PD and getting them on scene so they can assist you. Now with 2.0 coming maybe there is more we can do to aid in this area from a server stand point. My idea is this (dont know how hard to implement). There are lots of medical jobs where the people are "ON CALL", could there be a way to implement some sort of on call feature for EMS where if you are an EMS on the server you could text the hospital saying you are "ON CALL" and then still go about your daily routine. When there is a shortage of EMS/Doctors and a medical professional is needed then a text would be sent from the hospital to all "ON CALL" EMS/Doctors where they would have to go and clock on take care of the scene and then when that call plus all there calls were cleared they would be able to then go back to "ON CALL" mode. This is just an idea and there would have to be work by both the devs and the LSFD faction to make sure it is balanced and can't be abused. Would love to hear your feedback on this though.
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