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  1. Any car with the name custom in it would probably be my first bet.
  2. I’m all in favor of a aptitude system for different skills and these skills speed up or help in the bank robbery. Need a mechanical engineer? Well the guy working on the satellites all the time might be a disgruntled employee and could be talked into joining your crew. Need an IT guy? Maybe the guy doing IT work at Life Invader (I know this isn’t a real job but maybe it could be) is tired of his 9-5 grind and is looking for excitement. Adding anything that gets people to work outside their current group I’m 100% in favor of.
  3. Personally I am not for a bounty system in the current framework of the 32 player system. Once Onesync is official then I'd def love to see it though. Current system we have set up is balanced for a healthy emergency services to civilian ratio. Adding a civilian role that targets felons is skewing the balanced in a way that I personally don't want for city.
  4. There are ways to deal with friends doing this. Make the robbery time based and not whether or not the driver presses the button to open the back (or combination of both). Also like many other jobs would do if you are the security team involved you would be place on administrative leave pending investigation into the robbery. How long that "administrative leave" would be could be tweaked (30 mins, 1 hour, whole storm).
  5. So I had this thought awhile back but never made a post about it. Here is what I'm thinking. A new civilian job where you would go to the security offices and clock in as security you then would have access to the green and white armored truck (maybe even providing a clothing circle there to make sure people are dressed appropriately kinda like EMS and PD have). I think this is a job where you would want to do it as a group (idk how many people can fit in the armored vehicle also figuring out a group payout based on how many people are in the vehicle from dev side of things). Once you get your vehicle you would get bank and store destinations in which you would have to go inside of the store and either drop off or pick up money. You would have a few of these before having to go either back to security office or federal reserve for final drop off. Once returning back to the security office you would receive your pay check. Above is the main part of the job that the security team will have to focus on to get their paychecks. You can make to where you need a security license or need to have a gun license for a certain amount of time to make sure that security personel is "trained". You could also open up the possibility for these trucks to be robbed by other civilians. Criminals would have to track the truck and decide on whether to ambush on the road or wait until the security team exits the vehicle for the delivery/pickup leading to a more diverse robbery RP. A panic button would also be available in the car that would contact home security office then after a set amount of time would notify the police last known location of the truck. I think this diversity in multiple robbery scenarios available with this system would add for a freshness from both the civilian and police side of things. Would love to hear what the community aswell as the admins think about a system like this. Look forward to reading your thoughts.
  6. I think he is meaning like a 26 foot box truck. So a truck for in city deliveries to bring from warehouse to different jobs. The pounder would be the truck.
  7. In a car chase with the cops a civilian can win with each and every vehicle that is available in the garage. It's all about knowledge of the car you are driving and skill level of how you handle yourself behind the wheel. Civilian and Cop car alike each vehicle has strengths and weaknesses (won't get into details) so it's its all about knowing your vehicles strengths and sticking to them. I've lost cops in a $300 car and gotten caught and arrested in a $6,000,000 car. Now that being said there are a couple cars that are AMAZING when put in the hands of a skillful driver (will not name said cars) and I would personally nerf them but COP cars I believe are in a good position.
  8. I'm all for charging for advertisements. Maybe another way to do this would be to add an Advertisement Agent Job at the job center maybe cap at 2-3 per server. And then owners of different businesses would have to go to the Ad Agency and speak with the agent about what kinda ads they want and they can settle on a pricing. I worked at an ad agency out of high school and adding something like this would be a pretty cool way to get business owners something more to do each storm cycle.
  9. If we are talking about adding bars that show different attributes I’d personally prefer starting with a STAMINA bar first. Sadly while the stress bar could be a cool and interesting idea I just feel within a few days of adding it most people will just find the “Less Stress Lifestyle Meta” and change their character accordingly.
  10. Couple shotgun shots to the engine block does the trick just fine
  11. Don’t think it really matters for performance to be honest. Plenty of cars that the engine can’t be upgraded that out perform cars where you can upgrade the engine. Just buy what fits your style or what you like.
  12. I’ve been a cop for over a year and I can count the number for gun/driver license I’ve seized on 1 hand. I also have many run ins with cop as a criminal and have only gotten a license taken 1 time in over 18 months on server. So to say this is some type of culture going around PD is hard to believe for me personally. Now that being said I believe most of the issue comes from people in every faction in the city failing to put effort into their character for the enjoyment of other people. Humans are by nature selfish creatures and that doesn’t change when they log into Badlands but I just wish player would give an effort to try and make decisions in the city not always based on what’s in the best interest of you 100% of the time. Cops need to be understanding of criminals and realize that max fining every criminal is only perpetuating the life of crime and creating a salty mindset for criminals, criminals need to be understanding of cops that they have a job to do and realize you did a crime and take some responsibility for your illegal actions. EMS need to be understanding of civs they may only have a couple hours to play today and after waiting 5-10 mins for you to arrive they may not want to sit there for 10 mins listening to your medical mumbo jumbo. Civs need be understanding of EMS and realize that EMS could have been waiting patiently for 90 mins since his last call and that you could be their only player based interaction during that time period. Think of it kinda like acting. Successful actors are the ones that can adapt and change their acting for their different audiences, but the selfish premadona actors don’t make it very long and people don’t like them. Just my 2 cents.
  13. How would 1 know if the motorcycle is locked? I mean like if the bike is off it could have a disk break lock on, or a throttle lock on where there would be a visible locking mechanism that we could see, but if the person is riding the motorcycle then how is the bike locked?
  14. I've personally seen about half a dozen times with about 10 mins to go in the storm cycle people going million dollar plus cleanings and the sad thing is they were streaming it thinking that it was acceptable behavior. Just because you haven't seen it doesn't mean that people weren't doing it. There is more than 1 way to skin a cat (I think thats the saying). There are people out there myself included that will clean other peoples dirty money for a cut. If you don't wanna sit in a store then don't. Step outside of your group and find the people that will clean the money for you. So your way at 10k per minute. I have my crew of 4 people and we rent out 24/7 strawberry. Then send 1 person to Sandy 24/7 to rob the store and get the police attention there. We send another person to act as the lookout watching the police and phoning in information to the other 2 members at the 24/7 strawberry. Lets say that the robbery and the immediate scene take a total of 15 mins where the PD are focused there. You could make a total of 150k divided by 4 for 15 mins of time. At the cost of what 5k for store rental and 1 guys jail time and fines. Don't think there is any other job in the game where you can get that kind of money in 15 mins. So the loophole in your system would just be to power do it like that and if you owned all of the stores you could do it quite a few times a night. There has to be some balance. But to be able to find said balance there needs to be data so that the numbers can be looked over and adjusted if need be. These changes have only been in a few days and I would say just be patient and give admins time to go through the numbers and see if adjustments need to be made.
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