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  1. Wheelchairs were always something I pushed for when I was Chief in LSFD. We have tested wheel chairs in the past I know that in prior testing on the wheel chairs there was a game breaking bug which caused players driving the wheelchairs to be able to drive through objects. Once a solution to this issue is found I'm sure that we can find a way to implement them for LSFD.
  2. While yes it is true you wouldnt need to lockpick a motorcycle to sit on it there are other locking mechanism that bike owners can put on their bikes as a means of Security. Just think of the lock picking portion of obtaining a motorcycle as removal of a disc break lock, or an ignition lock, or a throttle lock. Los Santos motorcycle owners are just really pro motorcycle theft security!
  3. While on the topic of blindfolds can we also get some ball gags that muffle voices
  4. Personally I would find people running around throwing random things around at everyone very disturbing. While I think there could be some positive things come from me, the thread shows that ppl would troll with it (we go from food fights to throwing shit in 3 posts).
  5. If no players used IRL experience or their own personal knowledge as part of there character then wouldnt all the players go around saying "Goo Goo Gaa Gaa" and drink from bottles until they learned how to talk, and then they would crawl until taught how to walk, so on and so forth. Different players IRL experiences mold and shape their characters whether they mean to do it or not. The only knowledge that we ask you dont use is knowledge that can only be gained IC but you learned about it from an OOC. Example Serpico is on duty and someone tricks him into eating a cookie and post a pic of Serp
  6. Especially if the tommy gun acted like a real tommy gun and jammed a large portion of the time.
  7. Even if you know exactly where each item was you would still have to go around to each shelf or clothing rack and pick the item to take to checkout though right? Maybe we could call Rhonda behind the counter and tell her to grab all of the items for you and have them ready in 5 mins that way we could just run in and grab them.
  8. To me it makes sense though that if you want to "save" your outfit that you would go to your home and hang it in your closet or put it in your dresser.
  9. What are you trying to get up and going? GTA 5? FiveM? TokVoip? Lots of people around here are more than willing and able to help. I suggest you just ask your question either here or in #general-help on the badlandsrp discord (link can be found in top right of the Badlandsrp.com homepage). Make sure to give as many details as possible to better assist the people trying to help you out. @Quinn82
  10. The sync issues with the Hooked tow truck are terrible. You see the car behind you just fine but sometimes in others eyes the car begins to bounce around violently crashing into everything. And if the player is in the car that is being pulled they themselves get hurt due to all of the bouncing around. 2 wheeled vehicles are also not able to be towed by the hooked tow truck (if i remember correctly from testing). You should ask around in city about gas cans though as I believe this is already a thing.
  11. I would be down to see more rain if the time the rain was active was shorter. I've had it rain before for entire day/night cycles before and with rain effecting locals being out (which effects not just people selling drugs but has effects on how entire areas look and feel since most NPCs go away during rain) I just think the rain timer should be shorter.
  12. That is a ban message meaning you have been banned. You need to fill out a ban appeal (i'll provide link below) Click Ban appeal on the Department tab and then fill out the rest of the information the best you can. @Tilt https://badlandsrp.com/support/create
  13. r3v0Lt55

    LSFD QnA Meeting

    Biweekly meeting for all members of LSFD to come and talk all things LFSD.
  14. r3v0Lt55

    Paramedic+ Meeting

    Biweekly meeting for paramedics + to get together and discuss all things LSFD.
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