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  1. I recommend you just hop in the server and find out for yourself, it's really better that way.
  2. I definitely support this idea. Maybe removing the character limit for PD and EMS alerts as well. It would be nice to be able to make PSA to the general public when on PD duty without only having a 160? character limit.
  3. Bye Primal :'(. I always enjoyed my interactions with Krusty, even Bongo (little asshole). You will be missed my friend. Hope everything works out for you IRL.
  4. TheWhiff

    Patch 3.3

    Is always the best part. I love Suff.
  5. I agree with both of these. I agree that the LSPD should still be able to receive the EMS alerts just make it like a gunshot/fight/drug calls, as Kota said, and have it ping on our GPS just don't give us the f1/f2 options to accept or deny. That way we know when someone has gone down and what area they went down in so we as officers can determine whether or not we should head to that call to assist EMS in a potentially hostile scene.
  6. This will likely get no attention as I randomly thought about this while driving around. Stab City, there's nothing there. To me it would make more sense to move the ephedrine camp there as biker gangs are typically associated with moving meth or meth ingredients. To me it would make more sense then having ephedrine up at the nudist colony. Adding on to my above statement. Moonshine, I would like to see the possibility of brewing illegal alcohols for people to sell. It would add another illegal job for people to do and I think we can all agree that we would like to see more illegal jobs. It would be handled the same as other drugs such as weed. You buy the ingredient(s) and then process it up at the nudist colony and sell it to locals. If moonshine actually became a thing my reasoning behind moving the ephedrine to stab city and moonshine processing to the nudist colony is just it makes more sense, in my opinion, that a biker gang would be providing the ingredients for meth and the nudists are probably already brewing some crazy concoctions up there already.
  7. I'm definitely in favor of there being something for organized and legitimate gangs. An application section on the forums would be a great start. The list of all gangs would be on that forum, they can apply there and have gang related discussions on there. I'm definitely down for more gang related activities for those people in those gangs to do. I've seen an increase of people trying to be part of the Vagos, Grove Street Families as well as the Ballers. But they're pretty limited on what they can actually do. For those people who want to engage in legitimate role play as a member of a gang having a legitimate system in place would go a long way for those people.
  8. I'd bet on Tiller, just saying.
  9. Possibly letting players actually review the cars would alleviate some of the issue. Every car ever has a maxed out 4 star review but you can't actually read them. It would be cool to have real reviews from people who've actually owned the vehicles so you may better know the potential of the vehicle.
  10. I agree that something definitely needs to be done about this. I think it's issues really lie within desync from FiveM. In GTA:O the punching is the same but you're still able to dodge with correct timing. It's not possible in FiveM due to the desync and I don't know if that's something that @Serpico could even fix.
  11. Also need to keep in mind server population. Cops are only allowed to have so many on duty per civilian population. So a server with 10 people on it you aren't going to have 3-4 cops roaming around.
  12. I'm sure the devs are aware of this bug and are working on it. Just submit a bug report, that's all we can really do.
  13. Unfortunately you have to wait for the server to restart, your vehicles should return to your garage at that point.
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