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  1. We are actively looking into some of these cars that are over performing and also under priced. I 100% agree with you. Other than the dominator and buffalo are there other cars that you find function like this? Also like the idea of the tuner chip.
  2. TiLLeR

    Can't load in

    If you are having issues connecting to the server please hit F8 and type 'connect fivem.blrp.net' and hit enter. Discord: https://discord.gg/nK3cAh
  3. There are no false positives. The informant does not always return a location even if there has been one. Sometimes that location is stale. But not false positive..
  4. @Randy Jones They should not get a hit unless someone was actually cooking in the area or recently in the area. This sounds way off. I think you should submit a support ticket and we'll have to do some research on it.
  5. Yes you can ditch your car, put on a scuba tank and swim away. No you cannot ditch your car already wearing a scuba tank and swim away Yes you can go to a parachute shop put on a parachute and use it. No you cannot run around with one e quipped so you can jump off a bridge at random.
  6. Thanks for the question and please keep them coming. We made a lot of changes and understand that we'll have to explain some of it and likely tweak some of the rules as we figure out what works and what doesn't. To begin with, the end goal is to have as much as possible controlled through code., parachutes and SCUBA being examples. As you all know there is a huge backlog right now of things that people would like to see. The hope is that we can eventually have an animation which takes some time to put these items on and if they are on an equipped they are visible and affect the character in a reasonable way. For example they walk/run a bit slower - what ever makes sense (SCUBA is HEAVY). The rule itself is set to discourage unrealistic actions. GTA allows for a lot of not very realistic things. Piece by piece we have controlled some through code but the goal is a blanket rule that controls things that code can't change, may get introduced by FiveM in the future, or simply haven't been addressed yet. I chose to use the SCUBA and Parachute as examples b/c they are common things that most people could identify with. So specific to these two things... the rule prohibits running around with the invisible equipped ready to instantly ditch your car in the ocean or jump off a bridge. These are unrealistic expectations similar to using the ramps off the tops of parking garages. The rule would allow you to crash your car into the ocean, and then equip the SCUBA tanks and swim away. The intent is to not eliminate the use but to change to use to something fair and reasonable for the RP scenario (a common theme throughout the rule change). I do like all your suggestions for ways to change the implementation. Please keep the ideas flowing. Hope that helps some.
  7. You can apply for anything doesn't mean you'll get it. You'll need to provide as much detail / justification / supporting information as possible especially if you want to claim something that is already accessible by all.
  8. Click on the 'Support' link at the top Create a new Topic Select Business/Organization Applications Be as thorough and thoughtful as possible.
  9. I mean you can be that 'guy' all you want. I don't think we have a history of rushing development without thinking balance and proper mechanics through first. There have been lots of things the dev team has been working on that the community has also asked for. This will get done when it's ready to be worked on.
  10. It's something we have discussed at the staff level and I think some form of lock picking will come in the future. Not sure where it falls on the priority list but I know it's there.
  11. I'm not sure what you think happened but no changes have been made to cop pay since the server went live last Saturday. I know that the Devs did a lot of testing on average price per hour each job paid when they considered what was being adjusted. AFAIK paychecks for civs were just reduced by a % and the same adjustment was made to all level of cop pay. That's not to say that jobs wont' be adjusted. We are actively monitoring it and looking at some jobs already that need a tweak, but as Serpico said no money is planned to be removed from anyone.
  12. there server isn't setup nor intended for you to be an instant success day 1.... that's the point. And I'm not sure what you mean by paychecks didn't change... every paycheck for every faction was adjusted at the same rate of civ pay.
  13. One other thing to consider is that most Civs are just beginning on the starter jobs. Eventually the higher end jobs will open up and the Civ income will rise drastically. As far as I know all paychecks were adjusted at the same rate from 1.0 to 2.0. So while cops are starting out making a decent amt of money now - I think Civs will surpass that as business start up, cocaine and other high paying jobs become available. My hope, however, is that people take the chance to not focus on the money grind, the fancy cars, etc in 2.0 Many of the changes we made were to encourage RP and move away from the hardcore money grind many did in the 1.0 days.
  14. It should be open for you to edit at any point.
  15. They are all going through review. Patience.
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