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  1. It should be open for you to edit at any point.
  2. They are all going through review. Patience.
  3. They are all being reviewed. They get looked at by more than one admin. Patience.
  4. While divers are trained to put gear on and off in the water, the weight of the extra tank is noticeable. There should be a cost of carrying extra tanks, time to swap them out, etc. The instant nature is not balanced. The same issue exists with parachutes that people can wear around and just jump of any surface they want to evade. It's not realistic to walk around un hindered with them. Perhaps if one is in your inventory you are hindered in a way (you can walk but not sprint). They could be added to a trunk of a vehicle and either removed and re added to your inventory or perhaps an option to don them from the trunk.
  5. If you feel that an officer has treated you in an unfair or biased manner please file an IA report. Personally I don't agree with this proposal. Part of my reward for working hard to catch you is to RP with you after. I can see this being abused by too many criminals as a way to BM the cops and just waste their time. Perhaps sometime in the future world but for now not a fan.
  6. Change Log July 21,2019 Probable Cause 1. (Updated) An officer has the right to detain and search a civilian, their tent, their vehicle, or a vehicle which they have keys to within the following parameters: 4. (Updated) The current illegal weapons and items are as follows: Equipment: Cannabis Seeds, Coca Leaves, Dirty Money, Lock Drilling Kit, Lockpicks, Mobile Meth Lab Kit, Safe Cracking Kit, Speed Bomb, Weapon Disablement Kit 10. (Added) Civilian owned tents placed in public areas in a manner which impedes the flow of traffic or access to buildings are eligible for search and seizure by the LSPD. License Seizing and Revoking Keys 1. Driver License can be seized at the officers discretion if charged with one of the following. (Added) DUI Lawyer There shall be a limit of 2 lawyer per suspect. Lawyers may only represent one client at a time.
  7. If we were to add it and some one refused to put it on people would start to file player reports for no value of life and fail rp. People already get very salty when someone does not comply with their RP desires.
  8. We changed the rule to what it is today because it was NOT a postie experience on the server. It becomes pure bumper cars. GTA mechanics make damaging vehicles difficult. Police have SOP and are trained to use rolling barricade and pit maneuvers and despite our best efforts it often doesn't work out. Opening this type of activity to the entire server would be disruptive. It would be players chasing players ramming them repeatedly to BM/harass them. Additionally we use to have an issue with players ramming parked vehicles to force them to blow up or cause other types of disruptions. I sincerely do not see this opening any RP and only leading to more hostile activities and disruptive play.
  9. This is not the correct way to handle this type of issue. Please file an IA and it will be looked into by Sr. PD staff. If you feel it's beyond PD and more of a player problem then please file a Player Report and the admin team will look into it.
  10. On the main page on the right hand side is the link and the goal. Thank you in advance.
  11. wiser words have never been spoken.
  12. And we have a process to address officers who are going too far. We can’t fix what we don’t know. I encourage you to file an IA when this happens and we can provide coaching to make them better officers. And sure sometimes you get caught selling. 9 times out of 10 you don’t. Again there should be some risk. From what I see in the economy, there is plenty of money being made with the drugs In fact that is why the admins adjusted dirty money If you are constantly getting caught it’s not the fault of the cops There are plenty that are stealthy and to this day I have no idea how they sell . What im trying to avoid is the generalization. We have over 100 officers and they are held to a pretty high standard. Are they all perfect, no. But they all work hard and almost all of them want to improve. The few problems can be dealt with but I and the other staff can’t be everywhere so we depend on you. As the OP inquired about the state of the city I’ll close one more time by encouraging RP. There is nothing wrong with all the personas I see people wanting to play. You can be good, bad, neutral , but I challenge you to try more than one path when it comes to managing conflict. I know you are all IRL badasses. Show me some in character creativity.
  13. For those that are complaining about the fines being too much for doing illegal jobs let me put it in perspective: 1. Possession of weed - 5k 2. Possession of Controlled Substance (Meth and Coke) - 8k 3. Incidental charges for contraband (dirty money, lock picks, seeds, kits) - 2k As I said earlier getting caught with those items is not what's hurting your ability to make money. You have a choice. IRL most of the people who get caught using or dealing drugs don't get into a huge gun fight with the cops - not all of them run. That is where the fines start to increase. You have a lot of choice in the outcome of your story. Mix it up... sometimes the risk of the run can be a lot of fun... it's a choice. In addition you have the choice to provide really good RP to drive your charges down. You also have the ability to team up and avoid even getting caught by working smartly in groups. There are a multitude of options that YOU have that can influence the outcome in many different directions. To me the in balance isn't in the fines, it's in the attitude that you have to shoot everything out. Sometimes a little bi directional understanding goes along ways. This does not have to be a legal vs illegal, civ vs cops, good vs bad topic. If you want to grind to make some coin - fine, but just remember that the core experience here is to facilitate RP. I use to love the grind of money - I find it fun and relaxing... and then I had what I needed to go screw around. It's not so much about how you get to your RP journey just as long as you get there and don't constantly hide underwater or in a bush to avoid it
  14. There was a time where there was actual civ RP. It wasn't all Gang vs Cop Rp.. I miss those days. When I could actually make a traffic stop and not get held up. Or how about a chase where you weren't also getting chased by 3 other 'gang vehicles'. I have no problem with Gang RP... but the extent of 90% of my gang experience for the past month has been gun play. Cops can't even investigate drug activity without being shot at - mind you no initiation.. just shooting out tires so they can be kidnapped. The issue is that for some reason everyone feels the need to be a part of the gang... and the majority want to RP as the angry gang member who shoots first and asks questions later. Then when they get busted by the cops they get salty for hefty fines. I can tell you a year ago I rarely gave a max ticket. That was because the RP wasn't all Guns, Revenge, and hostility... and there was still crime! For some reason the community has shifted to the mentality that everyone must be a part of a gang and that the gang needs to hate the police, target the police, shoot first ask questions later, and occasionally RP. Now all of that is very generalistic. There are many of you who put a lot of effort into your RP and I am not trying to marginalize it... but my experience has been very negative lately. On the occasion that I arrest someone, I try to rp with them and all I get is a rushed 'give me my ticket so I can move on' attitude. It seems that the interest is just in doing illegal things with your friends and not truly having a dynamic rp exchange with a variety of people. For those that think that the ticketing guide is too severe - remember it was designed this way (long before me) to encourage RP. The server was started with a RP over Gun Play mentality and the rules, laws, and fines were designed to encourage that. Again for the first year and a half i was here it was rare to max out tickets... but there has been a HUGE increase in violence and the violence is cyclical - meaning it just goes back and forth. God forbid that a cop arrest you - now they are targeted and harassed for the rest of the server cycle. While loosely realistic... not really... and certainly not enjoyable when it's the constant not the rare activity. So before you start to throw any group under the bus for discouraging anything... perhaps we could all reflect on how we contribute to the community RP wise.. not just ourselves, our friends, or our gangs.
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