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  1. wellll then.... I hate to say this but it was a VERY short lived success. it went right back to doing the EXACT same thing.. even doing it now with the files that @Thorgs sent to me.. SO I have absolutely no clue what to do now other then cry in a corner.. I went almost 2 months straight of playing and connecting every day with not ONE problem.. all of the sudden its just a sh*t show of problems, I'm really confused as to what caused this in the first place. yesterday once got it working again with the files thorgs gave me i went on for an hour and did some scuba diving before the server restart, I logged off 10 min before the restart like I always do... and when I went back on I was dressed as a COMPLETELY different CIV... and all of my hours worth of diving treasure was gone, along with my inventory capacity went from 60kg back down to 30kg... and NO I DID NOT DIE...... I was also shocked that not only did i lose everything in my inventory and my character looked NOTHING like I had it before the storm, I was also in the middle of buttF*ck nowhere.... I tried disconnecting and connecting again... and well it did the same thing.. I was not dressed completely different once again, AND in a completely new location then I was when I disconnected... belive me I have tried everything I can think of so if anyone can suggest something I would be very grateful. Thanks for taking the time to read this everyone, I appreciate it and have a good one
  2. I am just curious what it would take in order to run server #2 for 24 hours a day, or maybe just 24 hours a day on weekends because weekends seem to be the busiest time of the week.. I don't expect you to change it right away or anything I am just curious as to why it is not ran 24/7 like server #1 is, and what it would take to make it run 24/7 like server #1 This is simply out of curiosity, if it is a financial thing or a server connection thing, I'm just curious to know what it would take to make the switch to have server #2 be a 24/7 server as well. Because if it is something that the community can help achieve I am sure a lot of ppl would help out, Including myself Thanks.
  3. I GOT IT TO WORK!! thanks to everyone who suggested stuff.. and a huge thanks to Thorgs for sending me his cache files so i could paste them in to my folder, i appreciate it a lot!
  4. do i delete the whole "cache" folder itself?
  5. this sounds awesome honestly!!, would be a greeaat addition to badlands in my opinion.
  6. I appreciate you guys answering this thread with suggestions, I just tried the direct connect and sadly it did not work .. and yeah I was thinking the exact same thing, somewhere in the files there must be a corrupt file, but i have no fawking clue how i would find or where I would find a fresh cache for this server with no corrupt files..... or maybe how i could pinpoint the corrupt file somehow.... if anyone has any suggestions on how i can fix this pls let me know!! it has been 3 days now that I have not been able to play and it sucks to say the least haha... it is my favorite game at the moment and I do not want to play on any other server Thanks for the suggestions everyone, it is very appreciated.
  7. this is a good idea, I will send ppl your way if they need someone to talk to
  8. Hello everyone, for the past 2 days I have been experiencing the exact same issue, I have tried re downloading GTA V and re installing it, also tried completely deleting FiveM and re downloading/installing it as well and i am still stuck with the same issue.... the weird thing is is that I can access other servers on FiveM so I do not know why it is doing this only with BadlandsRP.... so the issue is, when i go on the server list of FiveM to connect to Badlands I am able to click on badlandsRP and then I click on Connect, it brings me directly to this loading screen with the loading bar already more then half way loaded (I linked a screen shot of what the loading screen looks like) and every time I try to close FiveM and Re open it and try the same thing, it just keeps bringing me to this loading screen and the blue part of the loading bar does not move at all, I have waited 3 hours since I took that screen shot that i posted on this thread and the loading bar has not changed the entire time, PLEASEEEE if anyone has any suggestions on how to fix this or any reccomendations .. PLEASE LET ME KNOW... this is my favorite server to play on and I would hate to not be able to play on it any more!!! just as a side note... this is the first time this has ever happened. Thanks for taking the time to read this and take a look at the picture, I appreciate it.
  9. It really sucks losing your strength when you die because it does take quite some time to build it back up, and for the people who do not have a lot of money and can't just go to the gym and drop like $18,000 like its nothing, it is a pain in the ass. it is just a suggestion. I understand losing all items that you are carrying at the time, that makes sense... but it would be great if we did not lose our inventory capacity on death, especially because sometimes death can be because of something so stupid and sometimes you can not even avoid it in certain situations, especially when you are way up north in the map and EMS can't make it to you, it is just unfortunate and I am sure that I am not the only person who would love it it this was changed.
  10. I believe that the sell back price for cars should be at least 85% I mean if you think about it if you spend $100,000 on a car and then later on want to sell it, you are not only losing $25,000 but also all of the money you spent on upgrading the vehicle and painting it and what not.. I think that this is a pretty reasonable suggestion that I think a lot of other players would agree with. Because some of us players don't have a crew to make money with, which we all know it is easier to make money when you are in a crew of people and can do things such as making wine and stuff, but for the people like me who play alone it takes me a long time to earn $100,000 and it sucks when you go to sell your vehicle that you don't want any more and you end up losing 25% of its value which for me, it takes like 2 hours to make $25,000.
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