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  1. This idea has been implemented many times, I have vods on my twitch showing this RP in action. This post is only asking for the dev support of locking doors, and a safe so I don't have to keep the money in my pocket. ?
  2. Sure, as long as police get sniper teams to counter it.
  3. I must have miss read the question, I thought you wanted insight into how to RP a full weed run, not the simple mechanics of how it works.
  4. I can tell you here, but i have no clue how your character in game will get this information...... Unless you mean to Meta game? Try finding out in character by talking to other players, or through in game sources such as twitter, using in game /OOC will not help you.
  5. On duty Cops are not allowed to participate in organized server events.
  6. rule #1 - Don't be a dick If you have Hr's of video footage showing that the person wronged you, and that this was an elaborate way to exact revenge with a long con type of style, then fine. but with out the character development, and story telling, taking people's ID's to simply "be a dick" that is just lame and should get you banned as fast as.....
  7. This has been said, I am all in favor, if I, (as a cop) can give a player the death penalty, (99999 in prison for ever) for bad crimes as well. not fair that a LSPD member's job or career be on the line, if the civilians career, (not being a prisoner), is not also on the line.
  8. lets go for a two'fer. or is it a Three'fer? I want to run the bank, people want to work at a bank, players want to rob it, and most of all cops want SWAT gear, right? So here we go, This is something many people have had the chance to be a part of, but i would like it to be more of a permanent operation Phases of operation: The "Desk" - Where the big deals are made, Hiring employee's, Setting the security door code - https://imgur.com/a/83lXViy HOLD THE DOOR - Both access doors need to be locked, This is the door to the 2nd floor balcony and the door to the cages. (employees can use both) - https://imgur.com/a/qHvqFdm - https://imgur.com/a/twOCF2x Security door for vault stairs - I would like to be able to program a 2-3 digit code set from the Desk (info and secrets are priceless)- https://imgur.com/a/nGdADIm The Vault - Where $ can be deposited by the Banker - https://imgur.com/a/7fHLJxX Money can be removed by banker & mangers, AND thieves, slow rate $5k per 10 sec, only after Banker "Opens the Vault" (Banker presses f1 to accept the robbery attempt, this is an RP skill check, can't be hacked or abused) this action trigger's cops to a bank robbery. (Any player can also call cops), Employee's: Position - Clothing - Job description Banker - Suit & Tie - To oversee operations and accounts, handle investments with wise investors, maintain employee pay Manager - Suit Business casual- To assist the banker in overseeing day to day operations, making sure cash draws are full by getting money from vault, set up investment opportunities. Teller - Business casual - Sit behind counter nicely in a chair, greet new customers to the bank, go over options (deposit - withdraw slip same as every bank, just a person to talk to while you do it), Hand out promotional deals, refer customers to manager for investments opportunities. Security - Securo-Serve - Not what your thinking, No guns or violence here, we have insurance for that, this is for when a customer is feeling insecure about an investment opportunity or banking in general, your job is to wine and dine a potential investor..... That's the scam. (Has access to vault stair codes to use "feeling security cameras") Janitor - Overalls - The most humble position in the bank. They clean poop (has access to vault stairs for cleaning) Customer - Shirt & Shoes required - Use bank as you would anywhere else, walk up to a teller, use withdraw/deposit, receive an incentives bonus, invest in the stock market!!! There is no real cap on employees, but I can not afford to hire everyone at once. Bank vault will hold anywhere from $100,00 all the way to $1,000,000 at any time while open for business. Robberies close the bank for investigations and employees get payed holiday for the trauma they suffered. If caught by Police the $$$ would have to be taken and returned to bank, more of a 2.0 thing if money is going to be an inventory item. Please +1 if you would like to see this implementation.
  9. But we can make a Mullet tag for anyone brave enough to rock one for 2 yrs?
  10. Merr Khan

    Department meeting

    LSPD department meeting will be held this sat, please join the waiting for training room (12-12:30) to attend.
  11. I think it would be a cool idea if we could implement some sort of paper trail for in game deals. Could be for legal or illegal purposes. simple idea: So as a Biz owner, I could draft up a short agreement on paper (in game) and another player/s could take it, sign it, then give it back. (could be as simple as I bought them a taxi and they have to pay me back) This item would also count as evidence in any future civil court cases. And if the contract is lost or stolen................. ?
  12. Driving a million $ plus super car..... it should be on a flat bed truck at all times, and only taken off at car shows to rev eng..... See how subjective fail RP is? I agree with Speed here, Fail RP is thrown out so much, and is such a toxic word. When more often then not the player's don't have the same level of RP skill to recognize the RP in the first place. A player not doing what you would do, is not fail RP. But doing something that No Body would do, or doing something that would 100% end in death and expecting or acting like it doesn't? That's Unrealistic. And remember "Life" is not just breathing and standing..... It's your job, your transportation, your clothes & looks, your friends & Family, Your position in the community. Actions that would jeopardize any of these, With out valid character development and back story would be unrealistic.
  13. 100% you will just never see a cop off duty, all cops will live eat sleep at station. Not healthy for RP. If speeding can get me fired i wont drive a car. As long as CIv's are held to the same standard, Your a law biding citizen, and you shoot a cop, fine your fired from being a civ and your a Prisoner for the rest of your live, or perma. fine i'm ok with that.
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