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  1. Obviously pilot license is required to purchase for doing this yes?
  2. Brilliant idea, and love the fake ID idea also
  3. I agree with being able to change the settings to be able to use yell. For example the other day I was up near the coke house for no reason at all, only doing some mountain climbing and tripped and fell half way down the mountain and the police were in the coke house and one ran right past me on the road, I was calling him but he couldn't hear me, requested EMS and they didn't arrive. Then the cop drove off and I ded RIP
  4. Even if you could hand your friend your items like guns and inventory. Obviously to someone you trust not some stranger who could run off with your things and you'd have to F1 to accept them taking your stuff.
  5. Brilliant idea and well thought out with all the bank positions etc. Off topic on the robbing banks part but maybe you could apply for loans from the bank too.
  6. I did buddy, that's what I was declined in by an admin because my Steam account is too new.
  7. Sure? Badlands Public RP1, when I try to join server it say's I'm ineligible
  8. Pat McGroin


    Hey guys, names Dean. New to Stream and PC gaming entirely, unfortunately I'm too NEW to both, as my application was declined to join the server because of it. Always watched GTA RP streams on Twitch (mostly Lirik) and found them very entertaining to watch. Have two friends already part of this server who recommended it. So hopefully in the near future I can be part of the server, whenever that'll be! See you around!
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