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  1. These rules have been added because gangs can't follow simple rules and we have to enforce these unrealistic rules so that gameplay is fair for everyone in the community. We as the staff team think about not only civs but every faction and what would benefit everyone. There are stuff in the works for gangs but until then we as the staff team ask to just follow the rules we have in place now until we can add more options for everyone to make everyone's life a little easier.
  2. Keep this civil and quit with the remarks or I will close this post down.
  3. I will be stepping down from my admin position and i wanted to say thank you all for the memories from this great community has created for me couldn't ask for more. Due to IRL stuff that i dont want to go into detail about i wont be coming back to badlands. i also wanted to thank the entire staff team couldn't ask for a better team bunch of great guys and gal. Krusty out!
  4. just dont pull anything sneaky like you did before. welcome back man!
  5. If you do not report these issues to the staff team...you are your own worst enemy imo we are here to help everyone to have a fun time in the sever and not deal with drama in or out of game... Don't think every report will you submit will end getting that person in trouble we can just simply talk to them and straighten things out. What I have seen from alot of people lately is trying to be mini admins try to deal with it themselves and fail... We are here to help everyone so message us with any information you have.
  6. I'm open to help in any way so message me on discord with any thoughts or plan anyone is cooking up
  7. Going to lock this thread since everything that needs to be said was said and since we are going off track a little here.
  8. Like speed said it will be getting a cooldown.. because it can and will be abused in different situations but we won't remove it unless it becomes game breaking honestly.
  9. i will go look for all the rules right now


  10. ok thank you <3<3 



  11. Guess I'll add my ugly mug to this
  12. Let me reboost this thread and add another cute puppy to the mix
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