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I would like to say, we should have a sports section in discord. So we can "talk" crap amongst each other in sports, dif teams, ect. Myself, i LOVE football (american), racing (mostly nascar but i also watch imsa, and F1). I follow other sports too (hockey, ect), even though i don't watch. Example i hate watching baseball, its boring to me, but so is golf to others. where as i can watch golf cuz i know that 300+ yard shot landing 1 yard or half a foot from the hole is just as insane as a baseball player hitting a homerun. I think having a channel that lets us express ourselfs with something we can all enjoy (persay, i mean ill rag on giants fans, im a dallas fan (rivals), but i dnt mean it to heart, we both love sports, in the end we love the game) and it could help us get to know each other more, it could bring the community even more together.


(edit cuz i forgot to say) GO COWBOYS!!!!!!

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