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"First Responses" by Nixon Jones


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I have a pretty cool project in mind coming up.

I've already started the process of making it and I'm sure Badlands will appreciate it in the end.

It involves members from the community especially emergency services, cops & EMT's.  They are the ones that spend the most time active on the community, hope everything falls into place and we can get this project rocketed.




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2 hours ago, Gianni Vermicelli said:

is this gunna be like a Live PD/COPS kinda thing? these intros are pretty tight.

I'm planning in having both departments involved.

I've made a Weazel News Club. It focuses mainly on things involved with cinematography. I'm looking for multiple roles for this to happen, multiple 1st person cameras (1 or 2), and drivers where these cameras will be riding with (1 or 2). If you would like to be involved in this feel free to join the club. Falls out of the question that you will be paid cash for this.

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