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  1. What speeds are you wanting and why? Some vehicles are just meant to be low end and I believe it will be beneficial in 2.0 to keep a performance range similar to the current system or back to default GTA. Trucks are slower and more durable + have more carrying capacity. Pros and cons to vehicle classes enable players to make decisions on the right vehicle for a task while weighing the risks associated.
  2. All of those poor police AI that have been laid off since the retiring of OG bank heists. ?
  3. Rusty Tornado is the best car in the game and it is budget friendly.
  4. Great post, always a pleasure chatting whether on here or discord messages about this very topic long ago This is one of the most important things that I should've taken more time to highlight in my post instead of being lazy. The truth is we have an opportunity to RP how we want to as individuals. That scale varies on a player basis as does the satisfaction with their experiences amongst others. As long as there is an opportunity for both player types then there is a path to success. Tommy is a shining example of building business and RP scenarios within the current framework. My closin
  5. Fight club?! I trained everyday for this moment. ?
  6. My somewhat brief thoughts. 1) A change of this magnitude if found to be the correct decision or method would require a server wipe. A server wipe at this stage carries the risk of pushing away a section of players who have grown accustomed or prefer this type of economy. 2) The idea would definitely be a cool experiment to see how it actually impacts player behavior when they are unaware of the intention/comparison between economy models. 3) I think this model is best suited for a more hardcore/serious RP environment. When you look at BLRP the original intention was "accessibil
  7. Missing out! Just know that philly is trash (in sports and as a city)
  8. We are talking about hockey though.. ?
  9. Wait you're an actual flyers fan? I am disgusted...
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