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  1. Lots of people go to jail with money in their pocket. They just have it taken during processing.
  2. I have to say I strongly disagree. If you don't know where something is located you can always ask someone which is the point of RP, to interact with people. Something like asking where Moseleys is could be an ice breaker to start a conversation with someone you may have never talked to in the first place. Marking those spots on the map could remove RP in my opinion. For me anything that doesn't encourage RP, something like marking player owned business on the map, I would be against. Reach out, talk to people, you will have more fun if you do.
  3. DO you mean as long as it not being done in an abusive way?
  4. Does a store robbery always have to be a store robbery because the bar in the corner says it's a store robbery or can it be something else for the sake of RP? Just curious for a character of mine.
  5. looking to roll a NE or Gnome warrior, or human or gnome rogue.
  6. My shadowplay wouldn't work. I would have sent in a support ticket if it had.
  7. Just a little while ago I heard a guy ask someone why they were using a voice changer and asked if they have a vagina down there.... I left, everyone else there left as well. I told him that I thought that that was an inappropriate question and I couldn't be around him any longer. I just don't understand some people. He wasn't even trying to be IC.
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