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BadlandsRP Short Cinematic [1080p, 25FPS]

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First shot at Adobe Premiere, just switched over from Vegas. I'll likely make something else and I promise the quality will improve. I mean, editing of course. The choice for 25FPS here and VHS-esque quality was intentional. Wanted to try something different.

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Just now, LouieCanicatti said:

Yeah so no chance this was made in server... Still a cool idea but I wish you took clips in game and spliced those together from Badlands.

It's very tricky to get that set up. My Shadowplay has issues with FiveM. There's also no R* editor support within the FiveM Client itself, so cinematics are close to impossible. I did my absolute best to represent BadlandsRP in a cinematic with what I had. The keyword is cinematic. Just as a cinematic trailer for a video game doesn't represent actual gameplay, this does not either.

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