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Patch 3.14


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15 minutes ago, PeterMcKay said:

interesting, can we get it back at a reduced price or do i still have to pay the full smack

Full price. So be smart ;)

That said, there are obviously SOP and civilian rights that apply to tents just like vehicles, so your tent isn't going to be disappearing every 5 minutes.

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Just now, WinzzWorld said:

This sounds awesome, just two questions though.

  • Can the tents be moved once they're up?
  • What happens to them through storms?


1 hour ago, speed said:
  • Tents are persistent across server cycles.
    • Your tent will not spawn until you join the server for the first time during that cycle
    • Your tent will not despawn if you disconnect, until the server restarts.
  • Tents can be picked up and moved
    • Picking up a tent will destroy all of the contents in the lockbox.



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