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Civilian Appreciation


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This is the place to throw compliments and praise to all the wonderful people you may come across in the city

So give a shout out to great RP or characters you run into in your travels across Los Santos that are not part of EMS or PD

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Seriously All performance is appreciated . Every time that come to badland Its like a real world !

@Alexandra White/Grandma is pretty nice Really . 

@Muroko As a Cop > Never seen Anyone like  anton in cop role. 

@bada_mama As a Chief paramedic / ? when she is online I fell safety always . 

@Johan | ynzx_couldnot spend good time Rp time with him . But Only saw him 3 time that was Perfect . 

All the gangs Guys that I spend most of my time with them ! They make my Moments full of pleasure for me . They are best ??

@Johhny Knoxville and @Hardcore 

 As my first Friends in badlands . ?

@NixonJones As Best photo editor and a Good Loaner ? Thank you . 

Never seen Like u guys .  

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Guess ill add some dont think if i havent added someone that i dont like or dont appriciate just not much time for that kind of stuff :P

So probbably first @Bret Prozekt [2475] for training me into emt and for always trying to annoy me its pretty funny though :D

@Hypnotic for probbably first friend in bandlands we do sometimes stupid stuff but i think thats usuall

@Johhny Knoxville for being most of the time with me both getting annoyed by each other but working that thing out everytime and more stupid stuff that usually goes wrong (what would you expect when 2 idiots come together? :D)

As well as @Flori for helping one way and other ways realky apreciate the help

@Prince for being there aswell with me not always but its still fun

@Luc Morningstar basically same as with Linus and Johhny having good time doing stupid stuff (more me but eh it doesnt matter :D ) 

@Bob Lee for putting up sith my randomnes and stupidity :D as well as @KotaJon91

Great playing here in badlands :)



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Just gonna write a list of people here who have made my short amount of time here one to remember. I was gonna do this on the 28th (my one month here) but said nah, lets just do it now. Thanks for all being so fun to work, play, roleplay, and talk with. There's plenty more of ya but just couldn't find all your tags <3

@Gary Taint Winthorpe@T.Gambino@Nancy Brownies@Veronica Black@Merr Kahn@Lydia Deetz@-Ethzee-@bada_mama@Flori

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